CoD community reacts to RØKKR’s insane Hardpoint comeback vs Empire

Brad Norton
Twitter: ROKKR / Katy Eyre/ESPAT Media

From pro players, to commentators and coaches alike, the Call of Duty community was blown away by a breathtaking five-map affair between the Minnesota RØKKR and the Dallas Empire during the CDL Los Angeles Grand Finals.

As the world’s best Call of Duty teams descended on Los Angeles for the fourth CDL event of 2020, shocking results set the stage for a captivating Grand Final series between the  RØKKR and the Empire.

Having toppled previous event champs Atlanta FaZe on their way to the top, the Minnesota-based lineup seemingly had momentum on their side and continued to blow the community away with a staggering Hardpoint comeback in the series.

Twitter: OpTicGaming
The Los Angeles Home Series came to an end with a five map Grand Final series between the Empire and the RØKKR.

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Down two maps to one against the Empire, with the outcome of the event hanging in the balance, Minnesota refused to go down without a fight as they pushed through to the final seconds of Hardpoint on Hackney Yard.

With fewer than 10 points needed for either team to clinch the map, it came down to the final few rotations and the last wave of respawns yet Minnesota was narrowly able to eek out the 250-247 victory.

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To the shock and awe of the LA crowd, along with Clint ‘Maven’ Evans and Joseph ‘Merk’ DeLuca on the mic, as well as fellow pros tuned in at home, the RØKKR swung momentum in their favor. They were battled against unfavorable spawns and sealed the deal despite the odds being stacked against them in the closing moments.

“Headset would have been In the stands after a map win like that not joking,” Matthew ‘Skrapz’ Marshall of the London Royal Ravens expressed as the series went to a game five.

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The closely contested series had the Call of Duty community glued to their screens. Even Chicago Huntsmen owner Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez was tuned in, sharing emoji eyes with RØKKR co-owner Gary Vaynerchuk.

“No freaking way,” Philip ‘Momo’ Whitfield posted while his casting duo Miles Ross described it as the “best Hardpoint ending of the year.”

“Just an epic series so far,” Empire owner Mike ‘hastr0’ Rufail said, recognizing the incredible competition in spite of his roster being taken to a fifth map.

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More professional players chimed in, however, not everyone was praising the series. Rather, a number of competitors questioned the closing moments and explained how the map could have played out differently.

“Why did Huke try jumping out of yellow?” Bradley ‘wuskin’ Marshall asked. “Whoever made that kill won it.”

Highlighting the final set of eliminations, which saw the Empire seemingly wipe out the final wave of attackers from the RØKKR, Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni of the Toronto Ultra highlighted how Dallas could have closed out the final there and then.

 “If all of Dallas put their controllers down after that first wave of kills…game over.”

Ultimately, it wasn’t meant to be for the ROKKR lineup at the LA event as they came short at the finish line despite taking Empire to a game five thanks to their Hardpoint heroics.

The community might not have to wait long before these juggernauts go at it again however, as the ROKKR will be battling their way through to the top on March 28 as Empire hosts the next CDL event.