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CoD community reacts to Prestinni’s emotional win vs twin brother Arcitys

Published: 24/Feb/2020 0:30 Updated: 24/Feb/2020 21:58

by Brad Norton


From fellow Call of Duty League competitors, to commentators and team owners alike, the Call of Duty community came together to express their emotions after a heart-wrenching series saw Preston ‘Prestinni’ Sanderson take his first win over twin brother Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson.

In the semi-finals of Atlanta’s homestand event, brothers were lined up against one another for the first time in the Call of Duty League as the Chicago Huntsmen squared off with the Florida Mutineers. 

Having teamed together in every year of their competitive tenure until the CDL started, even raising the Champs trophy together in 2019 under eUnited, this series marked the very first time Prestinni played against twin brother Arcitys, and the community came together during the emotional showdown.

Katy Eyre/ESPAT Media
Despite momentum being on their side, coming off of a championship win at CDL London, Chicago fell in the semi-finals at CDL Atlanta.

Ultimately, Florida proved too strong for Chicago in the semi-final matchup as they completed the reverse sweep and took down the CDL London champions.

An emotional post-match interview with the twins had both players struggling to remain composed on-stage while friends and family looked on in tears.

“He’s my twin brother, we’re the closest people we have in our lives,” Prestinni said while trying to fight back his own tears. “I don’t want to go into detail but it’s an amazing feeling. To be underrated all this time and do something major without him and prove that I don’t need anyone in particular, is a really good feeling.”

Reacting to his team’s heartbreaking defeat, Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez didn’t comment on Chicago’s shortcomings at the event, nor did he comment on their performance in that particular series. Rather, he encapsulated his feelings by simply stating it was a “beautiful moment.”

Having just commentated over the lengthy series alongside Joseph ‘MerK’ DeLuca, Clint ‘Maven’ Evans expressed how he “couldn’t be happier for Prestinni” to pull off the upset. “Love that guy. An amazing win for Florida.”

Former Call of Duty coach and caster Matthew ‘Mr X’ Morello also chimed in and shared his appreciation in the moment, outlining how the twins were “two of [his] favorite players to ever cover.”

Taking a more sarcastic approach, a number of players and commentators shared their thoughts on the emotional family affair. 

“If my brother said that to me we are going backstage and having a 1v1 and he’s 100% getting Batista Bombed,” Bradley ‘Wuskinz’ Marshall joked, knowing all too well what it is like to compete against his brother on the biggest stages.

Reflecting on Chicago’s performance in Atlanta, Arcitys explained how he felt “uncomfortable all weekend. So f** sloppy, it’s embarrassing. Just pathetic.”

It’s only a matter of time until these squads face off once again and Arcitys gets a chance at revenge over his twin brother. Both Chicago and Florida will be in attendance at the Dallas Empire homestand event on March 28, where the teams could line up for a second time this year.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War is reportedly bricking PS5s

Published: 3/Dec/2020 17:40

by Michael Gwilliam


Call of Duty players may want to avoid playing Black Ops Cold War on their next-gen PlayStation 5s as reports are surfacing that the game is bricking consoles.

While the latest entry in the long-running CoD series had been met with praise, there have been some notable issues with the game, especially when it pertains to new hardware.

Aside from the issues players may be having with maps such as Miami or camo challenges the community deems unfair, there is a major problem with the game breaking PS5s.

In a now-viral post on Reddit, one user described their experience with the FPS and how it damaged their system.

BOCW NukeTown
You can’t play Nuketown if your console is bricked.

“Game has hard crashed the entire console, only game that had been crashing for me on the PS5,” WillHar270 wrote. “Now when I turn it on none of my games will load without crashing and when games do start to load up the screen fills up with flickering and glitching pixels before the console goes dead.”

“If Cold War is crashing your PS5, DO NOT PLAY IT, it will damage your system, in particular for me my GPU,” they further warned.

According to the gamer, after trying everything from a factory reset to even installing system software off a USB drive, nothing worked to fix the console.

Cold War has bricked my PS5 from blackopscoldwar

Luckily, after contacting Sony, the company reportedly explained that this issue has been happening for others, always with BOCW serving as the lone culprit. As such, the player was able to send their PS5 back and will receive a replacement in a fortnight.

It’s unclear what exactly is causing the issue or if Activision or Sony is to blame, but it should be noted that bricking isn’t limited to just PS5s.

As Dexerto previously reported, Cold War was also causing Xbox Series X bricking problems, which were addressed by the devs.

car on fire in BOCW
Dreams of playing next-gen consoles are going up in flames.

“We’re investigating all crashes and across the game,” Treyarch community manager Josh ‘FoxhoundFPS’ Torres claimed. However, no further update was made.

Hopefully, a patch is released soon that can prevent these fatal crashes from occurring so players can enjoy the game without worrying about their console bricking.