Call of Duty

CoD Cast Members Discuss What the 'Blackout' Battle Royale Mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Needs to Compete With Fortnite and PUBG

by DG Goldstein


Various members of the 'CoD Cast' hosted by Anthony 'NAMELESS' Wheeler discussed what the 'Blackout' Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 needs in order for it to succeed.

With the success of titles such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in recent months, developers throughout the gaming industry have taken notice of the 'Battle Royale' genre in a big way.


Fortnite has established itself as a worldwide phenomenon that has managed to bridge the gap between gaming and the mainstream media like no title before, along with becoming the most popular 'free-to-play' console game of all time after bringing in a staggering $223 million in the month of March alone.

Following the 'Community Reveal Event' for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in mid-May, it was announced that BO4 will include a Battle Royale mode titled 'Blackout,' featuring weapons, characters, and maps from past installations in one enormous area.


When discussing the mode on the 'CoD Cast,' NAMELESS, Dylan 'MadCat' Daly, Joshua-Lee Sheppard, and Matthew 'Skrapz' Marshall considered what Blackout requires in order to contend with Fortnite and PUBG, with MadCat suggesting how it needs something to 'stand out.'

"The BR in Black Ops 4 needs something like the [Fortnite] building. Every BR is going to have kills and whatnot, but it needs its special own feature. Like, you're driving in H1, you're building in Fortnite - you need something special to bring to the table."


NAMELESS later mentioned how if Blackout can bring a solid, first-person Battle Royale experience, it has the chance to be a huge hit down the line compared to separate games.

"The one thing I will say is PUBG - a lot of people like that game, right, it's a big hit - its first-person isn't too good. The first-person in that game is kind of messed up, so if the first-person BR factor is dominant in CoD, that could be a really good thing for us. 

The full CoD Cast can be viewed below, with the 'Blackout' portion beginning at the 5:40 mark.