CoD Burner Claims Octane was a ‘Panic Buy’ after 100T Missed out on Slasher

. 4 years ago

The CoD Burner went back to reddit to post more claims about Rostermania in the lead up to Black Ops 4.

Their latest claim is that Nadeshot’s 100 Thieves organization preferred Rise Nation’s Slasher, but could not get a deal done and picked up Octane instead.

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The CoD Burner is an anonymous source close to Call of Duty professionals and leaks info about potential roster moves.

While all the intel should be treated a unconfirmed speculation, pros admit the Burner is well connected.

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The claim that Octane was a panic buy is related to a mysterious ‘rich guy’ who is referenced frequently by the Burner.

Comment from discussion questions.

yea it means slash is probaly waiting for something…i think 100t started to get scared and panicked so they signed octane bc if rich guy got him then they cant get a top AR.

This ‘rich guy’ is the same one who is allegedly trying to poach John from Luminosity. CoD Burner believes the mysterious investor is approaching top ARs like Slasher and Octane as well, forcing 100T to get the Octane deal done quickly.

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Slasher has denied all of CoD Burner’s intel about him and Octane also denied Burner info in the past, including a report that his girlfriend was causing friction at OpTic.

In a recent stream, Octane revealed he was dropped by OpTic and then signed as a free agent with 100T.

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