CoD: Black Ops 4 Private Beta Players to Receive Exclusive In-Game Rewards

The Call of Duty player base is set to be rewarded for trying out the upcoming CoD: Black Ops 4 Private Beta.

Treyarch has announced that all those that participate in the Private Beta will receive exclusive items once the full game launches on October 12.

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The CoD: BO4 beta was announced on July 13, much to the excitement of all those who have been longing to try out the highly anticipated upcoming title.

As expected, Playstation 4 players will get exclusive access to the Mulitplayer beta from August 3-6, before those on Xbox One and PC get a chance later on in the month.

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All those who play the Beta will receive a special, commemorative calling card that they can display once the game is fully released.

Furthermore, whoever manages to achieve maximum rank in the Beta will be rewarded with a Permanent Unlock Token that they can use to unlock any weapon, perk, or item in the Multiplayer when the game comes out.

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Here is the official statement from Treyarch regarding these rewards:

Participation Has Its Rewards: All participants in the Beta will receive a unique, one-of-a-kind calling card that they can proudly display. And for every player that achieves max rank in the Beta, they will earn a Permanent Unlock Token to apply to any piece of Create-a-Class content when the game comes out.