CoD bans MW2 troll after threatening Twitch streamer with sexual assault

cod bans player who threatened to assault streamerActivision/Twitch/steffyevans

Activision has banned a Call of Duty troll after he threatened a Twitch streamer during a heated Modern Warfare 2 game.

On January 5, Twitch streamer ‘SteffyEvans’ uploaded a video to social media documenting the abuse she was receiving from a toxic member of her team.

The clip soon went viral, exposing the individual and his series of comments where he said he would sexually assault her and make her bleed.

To make things even more disturbing, the troll believed that Steffy was actually a “little girl” and insisted that his comments weren’t a joke.

(Warning: graphic language)

Activision bans MW2 player after disturbing sexual assault comments

“A 37 year old man, thinking I was a little girl (listen to very end), and saying this to me,” Steffy captioned the clip. “Sh*t like this needs proper repercussions.. this is disgusting and the reason why women don’t play this game.”

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Backlash to the user’s comments was swift, with many urging action to be taken and for the troll to be banned from MW2.

CoD voice actor and fellow Twitch streamer Alex Zedra praised Steffy for remaining so calm during the exchange, explaining how she’d go off on the man if he talked that way to her.

“You held your composure a lot better than I would. I’d tell him I’d **** with him with my .50 caliber Barrett and pull the trigger and to pull up in my stream,” the Mara actress said.

Luckily for the CoD community, four days later as the video approached one million views, Activision took action and hit the troll with a ban and alerted Steffy on their decision.

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“We got an update from Activision, he has been banned!” she celebrated. “One day at a time, getting rid of the people that deserve it.”

Banning players who abuse comms isn’t uncommon for Activision. Back in 2022, 500,000 players in CoD & Warzone were suspended in a major crackdown on toxicity.