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CoD 2020 leak claims iconic Black Ops II Zombies map returning

Published: 10/May/2020 12:54

by Joe Craven


Call of Duty leaker ‘TheGamingRevolution’ has claimed that Treyarch’s 2020 installment will feature a remake of ‘TranZit’, the insanely popular Black Ops II Zombies setting. 

As 2019’s Modern Warfare passes the halfway point of its life-cycle, the CoD community’s attention is turning to the 2020 installment of Activision’s immensely popular FPS title. While a number of specifics about next year’s game are still unclear, it looks to be a Cold War-era game developed by Treyarch.

With Treyarch working on the game, it is no surprise that a zombies mode is widely expected to return. Details are particularly scarce about zombies, but new information from veteran CoD leaker TheGamingRevolution suggests a fan-favorite map is set to return.

Treyarch invented zombies for 2008’s World at War.

In a May 10 YouTube video, the leaker outlined everything fans can expect in CoD 2020’s zombies mode, including a remake of TranZit from Black Ops II. The immensely popular map was known for its volcanic setting and dimension-warping bus.

According to TGR, there are game files available at the moment, which indicate TranZit has been remastered already. He suggests Activision are simply waiting on the correct time to release them – as they did with MW2’s Remastered Campaign. As there is no zombies in Modern Warfare, TGR believes we’ll see a TranZit remake in CoD 2020.

To compound these files, TGR states that his sources have “alluded” to a TranZit return in CoD 2020, and that their communication with him is strongly suggestive of its return.

Topic starts at 3:05 – 

Away from the return of TranZit, TGR said that he expects CoD 2020 zombies to feature a mixture of new maps and re-skinned fan favorites. This would fit with trends we’ve seen in recent CoD titles, many of which have brought older maps for both multiplayer and zombies.

One of the final points made by TGR is that CoD 2020 will include perks and a pack-a-punch system that are more akin to the systems we saw in older CoDs. Black Ops 4’s zombies attempted to revolutionize the game’s perk system, in a change that received mixed feedback.

The future of CoD’s zombies has been pretty unclear of late, with a couple of the mode’s biggest names leaving Treyarch. Back in February, Jason Blundell, one of the mode’s original innovators, confirmed his departure from Treyarch. Similarly, Lee Ross, known for his work on Infinite Warfare’s zombies, confirmed he had ceased working for Activision on May 9.

It goes without saying that these claims are unconfirmed, and will remain that way until we get official announcements from Activision or Treyarch. TGR has correctly leaked CoD information in the past though, like Modern Warfare’s Gunfight mode and Warzone battle royale.

Call of Duty

Warzone world record smashed with new longest-range sniper shot

Published: 30/Nov/2020 6:49 Updated: 30/Nov/2020 6:57

by Brad Norton


Warzone world records are always a sight to behold and the record for the longest-range snipe has just been smashed thanks to some patience from a few dedicated gaming ‘mythbusters.’

Four months after their initial experiments set the Warzone community on fire, ‘DefendTheHouse’ have returned. While their early sniping tests revealed the longest range possible when hitting a vehicle, the results weren’t quite definitive enough.

Due to in-game limitations, bullets could only travel so far back in July. The only way to truly gauge the longest possible shot was to tag a vehicle, rather than an opposing player. However, that’s no longer the case.

Thanks to the implementation of custom games in Warzone, even the most extreme tests are possible. It didn’t take long before the longest snipe was set in stone for good.

Previously, anything beyond 2,495 metres in the test would simply cut out. The shot would fizzle up in the sky and there would be absolutely no impact.

But, thanks to the help of custom games “and 40 human beings,” the content creators could properly test snipers once and for all.

YouTube: DefendTheHouse
The new world-record has been set at 3,068.07 metres.

With one player set up over at the prison, a huge group of enemies gathered by the dam. Over 3,000 metres separated them but it took some time to get things right. From such a long-range, refining the angle was a challenge in its own right.

After plenty of test shots, and even dinging the nearby vehicles a few times, the world record shot finally came through. 3,068.07 metres was recorded by the DefendTheHouse crew. A near 600-metre improvement over their former world record.

Obviously, this was done in a custom lobby thanks to the help of the community. The record makes one thing clear though; this distance is possible in a Warzone match now too, as long as your aim and timing are both flawless.

It’s worth keeping in mind that while it took four months for this record to change, the new world’s best could be replaced in just a few days.

Every weapon from Black Ops Cold War is about to transition into Warzone on December 10. From the Pellington to the M82, perhaps one of the new snipers could trump everything Modern Warfare had to offer.