CoD 2020 leak claims Black Ops Cold War reveal coming in Warzone’s Gulag

Warzone Gulag with Black Ops Cold War Logo on topTreyarch/Infinity Ward

ModernWarzone, a prominent Call of Duty 2020 and Warzone leaker, has claimed that next year’s game – rumored to be titled Black Ops Cold War – will be revealed through Warzone’s infamous Gulag. 

As far as Call of Duty 2020 is going, details are piling up fast. It seems that, after months of information eking out, we are finally nearing an official reveal from Activision, Treyarch, and Raven Software.

Whereas past Call of Duty games have been revealed separate to the most recent, rumors have swirled that Warzone will be used to announce the alleged Black Ops Cold War title. We have already seen teasers in Warzone, like deconstructed RC-XDs.

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This, paired with the fact that Activision have confirmed Warzone will be present in future CoD titles, makes an official reveal in CoD’s second battle royale seem possible.

Season 5 of Warzone, a helicopter flying over the open StadiumInfinity Ward
Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone started on August 5, but there was no CoD 2020 reveal.

The news that Black Ops Cold War could be revealed in Warzone has now been refined further, with one prominent CoD leaker claiming that it will take place in the “Gulag Area”.

ModernWarzone, who has correctly leaked CoD 2020 details and Warzone information in the past, stated on August 8 that the “Zeus Reveal” will be taking place in the “Gulag Area”.

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“Zeus” is widely believed to be the official code name for Black Ops Cold War, while the “Gulag Area” is an obvious reference to Warzone.

However, it might not be that simple. There is actually a Gulag area of the Verdansk map, separate to the area players are taken to upon being killed.

Located under the Prison and accessible via pipes or staircases, these seem to be hinted at for the reveal of CoD 2020.

It goes without saying that, despite a proven track record, there is no guarantee that the Black Ops Cold War announcement will originate in the Gulag. If you are in that area of Verdansk though, keep your eyes open.

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