Clayster’s own organization eUnited is trolling him for falling off the map again

. 4 years ago

Call of Duty pro and eUnited player James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks is well known for falling off the map in Call of Duty, and unfortunately for the American, it happened again during a recent Search and Destroy game.

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Clayster and his eUnited squad were playing wager matches against fellow Call of Duty pros on Frequency, when they managed to plant the bomb at the B site, found on the north side of the map.

Hoping to find an angle where he could keep an eye on the bomb to ensure no enemies were defusing, Clayster perched himself on a grating close to eUnited’s spawn, and shuffled precariously close to the edge of the map.

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Just as Eubanks began to get eyes on the bombsite, he disastrously took one step too far, and could only watch in horror as his character tiptoed off the grating and descended into the abyss below.

While Clayster sat silently, the giggles from his eUnited teammates could be heard on his stream, and even eUnited’s Twitter account joined the fun, posting the video on their social media with the caption: “Can we get some facepalms in the chat for Clayster?”

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Eubanks replied to the tweet, stating: “After ALL the cool shit I did today, you guys post this!?”, wishing that his org had highlighted an amazing play rather than another classic Clayster mistake.

Clayster gained a reputation for falling off the map during games like Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare and, while his numerous championship victories secure his legacy as one of the greatest players of all time, nobody will ever forget how often he falls off the map!

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