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Clayster confirms issues surrounding eUnited after early exit from CWL Fort Worth

by Eli Becht


There were high expectations for eUnited coming into CWL Fort Worth, but the team put on a disappointing performance that led to many questions about the team as a whole.

eUnited finished in second place at CWL Vegas and were expected to be one of the many teams in contention for the title this weekend at CWL Fort Worth. 

Aftter getting dropped down into the Losers Bracket after a poor showing in the Pool Play stage, however, Clayster and eUnited ultimately finished CWL Fort Worth with a 13-16 placing which led to a lot of questions and confused fans.

eUnited had a weak showing at CWL Fort Worth.

In the weeks leading up to the event, there was plenty of documented struggles from within the eUnited roster, which led to Clayster questioning whether he'd even remain on the roster at all. 

In the end, Clayster did make it onto the team but it became clear to fans that there was some sort of internal turmoil going on with eUnited.

After the early elimination of eUnited, questions of those internal struggles rose back to the surface as the future of the roster went into doubt.

In a stream on March 17 following their exit from the tournament, Clayster did his best to try and address some of the lingering questions from his fanbase. 

"We're just not playing how we practiced, misusing specialists, communication's weird, vibe was weird, whatever it is man," Clayster said on his stream.

While he clarified that the vibes weren't the main reason for the team's early exit, it's clear there are still some kinks for this roster to work out. 

Whether this ends up being an issue going back into the CWL Pro League remains to be seen, however. 

For what it's worth, Clayster has remained upbeat about things, despite the early exit.

He watched a clip of OpTic Gaming's coach TeeP saying his favorite match for his team was beating eUnited 3-0.

"God damn it," Clayster said as he laughed.

The team will look to avoid these distractions as they prepare for the next set of matches in the CWL Pro League.