Call of Duty

Clayster Clarifies Long Barrel Situation with Team Sween After Accusations Were Made Following Upset

by Calum Patterson


eUnited's James "Clayster" Eubanks has cleared up the debate following his team's match against Team Sween, after he accused Shea "QwiKeR' Sweeney of using a restricted attachment.

The 'Long Barrel' attachment on the BAR assault rifle has been agreed amongst professional players to be too powerful, and is not used as part of a gentleman's agreement, but QwiKeR did have it on his weapon at one point in the match.


After eUnited lost 3-2, Clayster took to Twitter to call Team Sween out for it, before shortly after deleting the tweet.

QwiKeR himself though explained his side of the situation, explaining that he had only equipped it for a single round of Search and Destroy, and didn't even get a kill with it.

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At this point, there was a debate ongoing between fans, some saying QwiKeR was in the wrong, some that Clayster was simply looking for excuses, and others who think the gentleman's agreement itself is the issue.

Putting an end to the debate, Clayster has now posted a fresh tweet, explaining why he originally accused Team Sween and why he retracted it.

Apparently he had been told by others that QwiKeR had in fact been using it for the entire match, not just a single inconsequential round.

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Whatever the case, eUnited are still in a tough spot after their defeat, which handed Team Sween the guaranteed top spot in the group.

It means there is only one spot left up for grabs in Group D, and it is to be fought for between eUnited and Splyce.

The two teams will face off in a season defining match for them both at 1:30pm PT / 4:30pm ET / 9:30pm BST.