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Clayster slams “blatant” Call of Duty Challengers hackers exposed in new videos

Published: 11/Jul/2021 1:34

by Alan Bernal


New clips of suspicious plays in Call of Duty Challengers have ignited strong sentiments from people like James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks for the “unacceptable” state of the esport’s ecosystem.

Concerns in the online era of esports have largely centered around legitimacy of results across different titles. The lower scenes in competitive Call of Duty have been no exception, and sometimes clips come out that instantly reignite the community.

That was the case when CoD pro Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris took a closer look at his match in EU Challengers 18 match against a player called ‘DeamZy’ that didn’t sit right with him.


Zer0’s clips spread like wildfire, catching the eye of Clay, who couldn’t believe the obvious cheating happening in the official match, he said.

“Never seen anything more blatant,” Clayster said in response. “Actually feel bad for all the Challengers players this year, this is simply unacceptable when it’s affecting people’s livelihood.”

Clay is an outspoken member of the CDL who regularly chimes in when a trend or league practices don’t sit right. Now, he would like to see change.

While some claim were saying that the videos were inconclusive, high-level players and apparently league officials didn’t agree.


According to Zer0, since sharing numerous clips, league officials went back and decided that foul play indeed occurred.

“Worst bit about it is, the CDL made a decision that he wasn’t hacking until I sent them way more clips and then they changed their mind,” Zer0 responded to Clay. “Nearly had to deal with that hahaha.”

There’s been a few more clips that people have dissected since the apparent ruling. Although this instance has been dealt a punishment, it underscores the issues CDL players have been voicing.