Clayster and SiLLY Claim CoDBurner’s Salary Leaks are “Massively Misinformed”

A number of Call of Duty pro players, including James ‘Clayster’ and Justin ‘SiLLY’ Fargo, have claimed that salary figures leaked by CoDBurner are wrong.

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CoDBurner, a mysterious account on Reddit that leaks unverified information about the Call of Duty esports scene, recently returned to the platform and made fresh claims about player relationships and the possible roster changes we may see in the off season.

However, one specific comment from CoDBurner caught the attention of Call of Duty pro players. When asked what the average salary for players was, CoDBurner released a series of claims regarding pay, including monthly salaries for teams like Evil Geniuses and OpTic as well as some individual player salaries.

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It wasn’t long until players and members of management caught wind of CoDBurner’s newest assertions, and they quickly took to Twitter in an attempt to dispel the rumors.

eUnited’s Clayster took to the social media site and called CoDBurner “misinformed”, while EG’s SiLLY claimed he couldn’t believe that every number stated was incorrect.

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Former Splyce manager Michael ‘Swizz’ Butterworth also weighed in, stating that all the numbers were incorrect, and felt that CoDBurner was “grasping at straws”. CoDBurner also found himself in trouble with OpTic’s Sam ‘Octane’ Larew for comments he made about the player’s future with the Green Wall.

While there is no way to fact-check CoDBurner’s claims and leaks, it’s unlikely that we have heard the last of the infamous Reddit user during this off-season.

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