Classic MW2 maps are already in Modern Warfare but there’s a catch


There are two classic Modern Warfare 2 maps in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare but, while fans can see them in the distance, sadly, they aren’t playable – yet. 

Upon its annoucement, Modern Warfare was labeled as a soft reboot of the popular Call of Duty sub-series from Infinity Ward. While it’s not a direct continuation of the popular story, there still plenty of nods to its predecessors – especially in the campaign.

But, when it comes to multiplayer, there hasn’t yet been those rebooted maps that many fans may have been expecting. A few have, of course, been rumored to appear later down the line but as of now, there aren’t any nostalgic settings to actually play through.

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However, if players take a little closer look at the Ground War map Euphrates Bridge, they’ll be able to spot familiar locations from Modern Warfare 2. 

ActivisionCall of Duty fans have been waiting for maps like Rust to appear in Modern Warfare.

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Call of Duty YouTuber BlameTruth noted that Invasion and Scrapyard are both visible in Modern Warfare – with the former being right above the Ground War map. It’s not just hints and nods to the old map, however, as it is pretty much all there.

As for Scrapyard, well, that’s seemingly visible in a Spec Ops mission – complete with those plane tubes that became heaven for anyone running a grenade launcher back in the popular title.  

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The discovery of Scrapyard, at least in one form, isn’t an entirely new thing as one player found a pretty similar-looking map in the open-world sandbox portion of Spec Ops. 

It’s also been named in previous leaks, with YouTuber TheGamingRevolution, listing it alongside other popular maps like Crash, Rust, and Terminal in the first piece of DLC for Modern Warfare.

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Now, it’s unknown if these maps will actually be released or if Infinity Ward have just reused them in-game to complete their other locations.

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It wouldn’t be the first time that has happened, however, as back in Black Ops 3, the map Infection actually used the iconic ‘Carentan’ as a warped wall.