A classic Black Ops 1 map is coming to Black Ops 4

A new teaser has revealed that the old favorite WMD map from Black Ops 1 is set to make an appearance in Black Ops 4.

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Treyarch showcased a new teaser trailer for an upcoming operation in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and it’s set to bring WMD into the game.

This is a map players will have fond memories of if they played Blacks Ops 1, the game that started the successful Black Ops franchise. For those who haven’t previously played it, it’s still a good map that is being added to the game.

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WMD in Black Ops 1.
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Just how will it be added?

One thing that wasn’t made clear from the teaser trailer is how WMD will be implemented into the game.

With Black Ops 4 there are a couple of ways this could be done. The most obvious way would to just include it as another multiplayer map, which is probably the format most players are expecting.

Another option would be to add it as a location to the Blackout map. The original Blackout map is a mash-up of popular Black Ops locations over the year and WMD would certainly make a good addition to it.

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What would be a pleasant surprise is if Treyarch decided to drop the map in both Blackout and multiplayer, essentially giving players the best of both worlds.

When does the next operation come out?

Black Ops 4’s next operation is currently set for an April 30 release date which is when we can probably expect to see WMD enter the game.

Treyarch also teased a variety of new things coming with the update but didn’t really dive into too many details as to what those will be. 

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As the release date for this operation draws closer, we can expect to hear more about the upcoming update.

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