Chipotle Warzone Challenger winners explain how they dominated matches


Following their victory in the $50,000 Chipotle Challenger Series’ Warzone Challenge on April 30, the winning team’s captain ‘Almxnd’ gave some insight on their mentality coming in as well as how they were able to be so successful.

Out of all the invited big-name teams competing in the Chipotle Warzone Challenge Finale, it was one of the 32 qualifier squads that ended up last ones standing, taking home the $25,000 and a year’s worth of burritos.

AlmxndTV, FluffyHippo1927, Intechs, and Insxte, who qualified all the way back in week one, put up 97, 96, 81, and 75 points in their four matches to finish with a total of 349, a whopping 34 more than the second-place team.

ChipotleCasters Chris Puckett and Clint Evans interviewed the winning team of the Chipotle Challengers Series Warzone Challenge.

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But how were they so successful? Speaking with caster Chris Puckett and Clint ‘Maven’ Evans following the event, Almxnd explained how it all started with them having a “chip on their shoulder.”

“Not a lot of people know us, we mostly just play Warzone wagers and competitive tournaments in the CoD community. But we’re all kind of nasty.”

“No one really knows who we are, so we did really have a bit of a chip on our shoulder, I guess,” he added, when Maven asked him about being left out of most invite-only competitions.

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Confidence is key in these types of tournaments, and the team captain admitted that they came in feeling as though they were one of the best in the field.

“I definitely knew we were one of the top teams, one of the teams we were worried about was Dillster, Gangstaz,” he said. “In the first qualifier, we got second and that was the team that beat us. Besides that though, there weren’t really many teams I was worried about.”

As for how they were able to put up such high-kill games and monstrous points, Almxnd gave a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes strategies that paved their path to victory.

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“Our strat, I would grab a helicopter and the rest of our team would land at Superstore. I’d fly the heli to them, we’d slay out Superstore, and then just take the heli around the map basically. We’d usually two-two split, sometimes three-one. We were just chasing dots around the map, basically, with UAVs.”

You can check out the full interview below, starting at the 4:16:00 mark of the tournament VOD.

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