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Cheater gives Modern Warfare devs tips to prevent hackers and aimbotters

Published: 18/Apr/2020 23:29

by Alan Bernal


In a strange turn of events, a cheater in titles like Grand Theft Auto and Battlefield 4 offered a way for the Modern Warfare devs to keep hackers and aimbotters from ruining Multiplayer, as well as Warzone.

The situation with hackers has been ruining the overall gameplay experience from Infinity Ward’s latest Call of Duty. In fact, the problem has gotten so out of hand that the community have called for permanent bans for cheaters in the past.


But that doesn’t mean that Activision and IW aren’t trying to nail the hackers to their game. On March 31, they announced that they’ve banned over 50,000 accounts for some kind of cheating, and more are expected to come.

Infinity Ward
From Multiplayer, Warzone, and more, hackers have been making online Modern Warfare difficult to enjoy.

That push to counteract cheaters was impressive, but wholly ineffective since there are still aimbotters, wall hackers, and the like festering in Modern Warfare’s servers to this day.


While there isn’t much the devs or publisher can do to stop all cheaters in their tracks, a Reddit user called ‘DeclanH23’ came forward about their past hacking habit to give a sort of formula to weed out the aimbotters.

“I was a prevalent user of mods on Battlefield 4 and I’m currently on GTA Online,” they said. “So let me tell you exactly how to set up a system to stop aimbotters in their tracks.”

DeclanH23 via Reddit
The cheater’s stats in Battlefield 4 which could hold a clue on how to prevent aimbotters in Modern Warfare.

When DeclanH23 hacked in BF4 (another FPS title) there were certain weapons that they, and other hackers, would commonly use – they referred to these as “prime aimbotter weapons.”


Well the stats attached to their account, like headshots per death, kills per minute, longest kill streaks, and more were wildly above the norm. And it’s here how they believe Infinity Ward could thwart aimbotters.

“[Infinity Ward] should analyse which weapons in [their] game would be perfect for aimbotters, and closely examine the statistics.”

Infinity Ward
There could be some metrics for IW to use to spot out aimbotters in Modern Warfare.

They said that IW’s system should be “absolutely screeching if a player is new, has gone straight into warzone and their headshots per kill is 5 times the average.”


To make the hunt for aimbotters much easier, they suggest the devs consider making a formula that accounts for “accuracy, score, kills, headshots and time played with each gun,” and then weed out any player who is significantly outside of the average.

Aimbotters typically get really smart when employing their cheats, so a bit of wisdom from a seasoned cheater could give Modern Warfare the tools it needs to prevent them from further ruining games.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War already set new Call of Duty player record in the Beta

Published: 23/Oct/2020 6:20

by Brad Norton


The Call of Duty franchise is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon as Treyarch’s recent Black Ops Cold War Beta went above expectations and shattered records.

Ever since the release of the first CoD title in 2003, the franchise has only continued to grow. Year after year more players hop on board to see what the latest title has in store. Whether fans gravitate towards single-player campaigns, cooperative experiences, or classic multiplayer competition, there’s something for everyone.


2020 is shaping up to be no different as Treyarch is firing on all cylinders for the Black Ops Cold War release. Everything from Zombies to Warzone will be on offer and it’s already clear that the community is hungry for it all.

After an impressive Alpha test on the PlayStation 4 that became the biggest in franchise history, that record has once again been broken. This time, by the Black Ops Cold War Beta that followed just weeks later.


Having kicked off exclusively for PS4 users on October 8 before jumping to all platforms on October 15, the Black Ops Cold War Beta was played by a staggering number of people. In fact, it was “the most downloaded [Beta] in Call of Duty history,” the developers revealed on October 23.

No exact figures were revealed for the history Beta. Though it being publicly available across Xbox One, PS4, and PC over the final days was sure to have helped boost the figures.

Not only is this a hugely positive sign before the launch of Black Ops Cold War, but it continues a trend from previous iterations. 2019’s Modern Warfare also broke records with its early access Beta period. 


Last year’s records also didn’t come with any specific numbers, though Activision assured the Modern Warfare Beta attracted more players than ever before.

Also of note, those players logged more hours played than any Beta in franchise history. It’s now clear that Black Ops Cold War has been yet another step up in terms of early engagement.

The Black Ops Cold War Beta was live across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

It’s obviously too early to tell just how this might indicate sales for the release come November 13. However, to get into the Beta early, a majority of players needed to preorder on their platform of choice. So that’s certainly a good sign just weeks out from launch.


2019’s Modern Warfare topped over $600 million in sales across its first three days on the market. That instantly made it the highest-selling CoD of the generation. Though Black Ops Cold War could be on track to go even further this year.

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