Call of Duty

Champion coach Bevils has an idea to fix Search maps in Black Ops 4

by Vincent Genova


Bevils, who coached Evil Geniuses to the Call of Duty Championship in August, has some ideas to fix the Gridlock map for Search and Destroy in Black Ops 4.


According to Bevils, Gridlock is not an interesting map because fights are only taking place around the A bombsite.

[The A bomb site is] very close to spawn, it’s so easy to attack,” explained Bevils.

Since the A bomb is so close to the spawn and there is only one entry point for the other team into the site, rounds are decided quickly and with very little strategy.


Bevils suggests moving the A bomb to the back of the building instead of inside of it.

The new location might give teams a reason to fight for control of the building, the middle lane, or even push to the B bomb site instead.


Bevils is currently the coach for Team EnVy after the organization acquired the Champs-winning EG roster to pair with Huke.

To hear his complete thoughts on the changes to Gridlock S&D, you can check out the video below.