Censor wears clown outfit and admits to taking “biggest L of my life”

In the face of all the drama that’s been circulating throughout the Call of Duty community, former pro player Doug ‘Censor‘ Martin looked to clarify things further while wearing a clown outfit live on his Twitch stream.

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Censor has been the center of attention in the latest Call of Duty drama, following allegations of slander against former teammates Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell and Rasim ‘Blazt’ Ogresevich. 

While the now FaZe Clan member believes his former Complexity team threw him under the bus, Dashy and Blazt have come forward arguing that their ex-teammate is “psychotic” and always playing the “victim.”

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On September 10, Censor took the controversy to a whole new level by going on an explosive rant on his Twitch stream, all while wearing a clown outfit.

“I’m losing my mind, I’m gonna audition for Joker. I’m losing my freaking mind turning into a psychopath over this shit,” he said desperately. 

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Forming an L shape with his hand and holding it up to his head, he owned up to the recent backlash and states that he will be taking his L “with pride.”

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He did this in response to Dashy and Blazt blaming for Complexity’s poor run at CWL Anaheim in 2018, since he had spent the week prior doing a CSGO brand deal in the UK instead of practicing.

Clown outfit and all, he took accountability of his actions in a manner many would probably consider over-the-top.

“You’re right, I had an obligation to my team, and I let my team down,” he said. “Dashy, Blazt, I hope you’re watching this, this is an important lesson for you guys to learn. These kids need to grow up, and I don’t give a damn about nothing. I will take my L with pride for losing CWL Anaheim for my team.” 

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However, once the clown outfit came off, Censor changed his tune very much to the offensive and gave a very stern warning to both Dashy and Blazt moving forward

“If I see that again, I swear to f*cking god, I don’t give a damn,” he said emotionally. “I don’t need anything or anybody. I will stand up for myself, I promise myself now that I’m a 25-year-old grown-ass man, I have things to take care of, if I see any stupid shit like this ever again, I don’t give a f*ck man. I am not holding back. I don’t care about nothing dude.”

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“You can say that I costed you Anaheim, I will take that L 100% to the grave,” he went on. “I costed you Anaheim, you can say I costed you every single tournament in CoD history, you can say I’m the worst K/D player in the league, but you can’t make lies like that about people. It is unacceptable man. You really need to think twice before you speak.”

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You can check out Censor’s full past broadcast below, with his ‘clown outfit’ segment kicking off right at the start.

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This saga really took off on September 9, when Censor released a video calling out Dashy and Blast for having “slandered” his name and damaged his reputation.

Following that, Dashy responded during his livestream by calling the YouTuber “psychotic,” which clearly struck a nerve and prompted the clown outfit to make an appearance.

Censor will hope that this controversy dies down before it really begins to affect his chances of signing with one of the nine confirmed teams in next year’s franchised Call of Duty League. 

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