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Call of Duty • Aug 18, 2018

Censor Reveals Whether He'll Compete on Black Ops 4 and Asks Fans "Stop the memes already"

Censor Reveals Whether He'll Compete on Black Ops 4 and Asks Fans "Stop the memes already"

CompLexity's Doug "Censor" Martin has asked fans to 'stop the memes' following his team's exit from the Call of Duty World Championship, and reveals his plans for Black Ops 4.

Censor had been teased constantly online following his split from Yanet Garcia, and also because of his ambitious claim that he would win CoD Champs.


CompLexity did perform well at the event, managing a top 16 placing after making it out their group, arguably the toughest group of the tournament.

Censor himself played well, but ultimately the team was eliminated at the hands of European squad Red Reserve, after an earlier loss to UNILAD in the winners bracket.


After the loss, and no doubt a lot of trolling and 'memes' coming his way on social media, Censor took to Twitter in an effort to curb the mocking.

He said he doesn't want Yanet back, and failing to win CoD Champs doesn't change his desire to focus all his efforts towards competing in Call of Duty,

He also says that he'll be back to win CoD Champs in Black Ops 4, so perhaps Doug will win Champs after all.


As for his team situation, it's unclear what the future holds for Censor. Whether he remains with the current CompLexity squad or if his stock as a player has risen to offer new opportunities.

Whatever his plans in competitive CoD, he is undeniably one of the most dedicated players, and has certainly sacrificed a lot in the name of competing.

Black Ops 4 will release on October 12, when the new competitive season will begin.

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