Censor finally reaches number 1 rank in Call of Duty Vanguard after non-stop grind

censor top ranked player on vanguard leaderboard with blurred bocage in backgroundActivision/Twitter: Censor

Call of Duty League star Doug ‘Censor’ Martin has finally reached the number 1 spot in Vanguard’s ranked play mode after weeks of grinding to reach the top.

Censor has spent the last few years trying to get back into the ranks of the Call of Duty elite, playing in the CDL alongside the likes of Scump, Crimsix, and Simp.

Despite his struggles to attain pro status once again, Doug has remained one of the most popular players in the scene and was announced as a content creator for CDL franchise Boston Breach on April 2, while playing in the Challengers tournament at Major 2.

Since ranked play launched in Vanguard, though, Censor decided to make it his aim to reach the number 1 spot in the competitive mode, with his first post on April 6 showing him to be at #79, after starting the day from outside the top 250.

In the weeks following, Censor made it his main priority to reach number 1, regularly updating fans and followers along the way.

Less than two weeks later, on April 19, Censor confirmed that he had finally reached the top of the mountain.

“Top 2 and I’m not second,” he said, accompanied by a screenshot of his name above every other player in Vanguard, with over 6100 SR.

He hit the top spot shortly after the number 1 player, Cha1n, received a huge SR deduction, presumably for having played with cheaters in the past. The most prominent of those was pplehx, who was banned after accidentally exposing his cheats on stream while #2 on the leaderboards.

There’s been a lot of discussion over how many cheaters occupy spots in the top 250, so if anything, Censor’s rise to the top could have been delayed on account of coming up against cheaters and the biggest ones sitting above him before.

When Censor isn’t competing or dominating his opponents in Vanguard ranked play, you can catch him co-hosting Dexerto’s flagship Call of Duty League show, Reverse Sweep.