Censor explains why he’s “hurt” by FaZe Clan

Former professional Call of Duty player Doug ‘Censor‘ Martin discussed his current relationship with FaZe Clan during his appearance on Logan Paul‘s ‘Impaulsive’ podcast, explaining how the organization, to which he is still loyal, has “hurt” him.

Censor still associates himself with the FaZe organization, despite having not played for the professional team since 2015, but has expressed his desire to return to the legendary roster.

His last appearance in the FaZe jersey in a professional capacity came at the 2015 Call of Duty World Championship, representing Faze Black and finishing top 16. Before this, he had been dropped from the main FaZe Clan roster, a story he recalled on the podcast.

MLGCensor’s last tournament win with FaZe Clan, at MLG Columbus 2014.

After Censor helped FaZe to victory at MLG Columbus 2014, beating OpTic Gaming in the grand finals, he explains that owners Temperrr and Banks “sat him down” and told him that there would be a new captain, Patrick ‘ACHES‘ Price.

ACHES and the rest of the team apparently did not want to play with Censor, and, as he explains it, he “was never really able to play on a good team since then.”

“I’ve always been a little bit hurt about it. Definitely,” Martin confirmed, but explained that he still feels he owes something to the organization: “They helped me out so much in my career, and also, it’s not like FaZe ever did anything malicious, or they were angry at me. We always had great friendships.”

Despite the hurt he felt, and apparently still feels, over the decision, Censor explains it turned out for the best, allowing him to focus on making videos and growing his brand as a YouTuber.

Censor explains that it “eats him alive” that he’s not on the FaZe Call of Duty team, saying “I’ve been dying to play on the CoD team since 2015.

Censor also revealed that he spoke to Banks before the start of WWII, and was under the impression he would be the captain of the FaZe team, but again the other players on the roster chose not to play with him: “The players on the team at the time thought I was washed up and not good enough.”

Twitch: Call of DutyCensor beat FaZe with Lightning Pandas at CWL Birmingham in 2018.

Censor went on to beat FaZe with Lightning Pandas at CWL Birmingham in CoD: WWII, and finished top 16 at the World Championship with CompLexity. He was set to join Evil Geniuses for the Black Ops 4 season, but was dropped just before the season began, with EG opting to pick up Tyler ‘FeLo’ Johnson instead.

With Modern Warfare and the franchised league on the horizon, Censor has made clear his intentions to return to professional play when the new game releases on October 25. Whether he can prove himself worthy of a spot on FaZe remains to be seen.