Censor slams Accuracy for “blacklisting” him during 2020 CDL season

Accuracy and CensorCall of Duty League

Call of Duty players Doug ‘Censor’ Martin and Lamar ‘Accuracy’ Abedi have lashed out at one another online after a CDL power ranking video from the LA Thieves reignited earlier drama between the former Subliners teammates.

What started as a simple piece of content from the LA Thieves quickly boiled over into a full-blown argument on Twitter for the CoD community to see. All four players on the new Thieves lineup jokingly called out ROKKR’s Accuracy as the player they would beat in a 1v1.

From there, the clip made its way to Twitter, with Accuracy and Censor butting heads yet again in the replies. The two apparently had their share of run-ins throughout the 2020 CDL season while both part of the New York Subliners. After keeping this beef mostly under wraps, it’s now blowing up across social media.

It didn’t take long for this latest situation to explode and for both players to expose personal beef on the timeline. After a year on the NYSL bench, Censor now points to Accuracy as the main reason why he didn’t see any playtime.

“Lamar got so butt hurt that I said he’s trash privately,” Censor revealed to properly ignite the drama once again. “He let his insecure ego get to him.”

Accuracy quickly fired back, explaining how Censor “begged” the NYSL roster to stay quiet on his “fake [and] manipulative” ways behind closed doors. 

“Expose all the fake manipulative bs then,” Censor replied. “I’ll expose all the s*** you did to make sure I didn’t get a map last year when you were dead last in the league.”

CDL players arguing on TwitterTwitter
The feud between former NYSL teammates has only continued to heat up.

Despite the Subliner’s early-season issues, which led to Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris getting traded away in favor of an amateur, Mack, Censor never got an opportunity to start for New York, who chose longtime competitor Nick ‘Happy’ Suda over him.

The former FaZe Clan YouTuber claims that was due to Accuracy “blacklisting” him in 2020, all but blocking him from professional scrims and “restraining [him] from any opportunity.” However, this wasn’t the “sole reason” Censor was stuck to the bench all year, Accuracy hinted. 

“Who do you think I was? The owner of the team and my opinion was final? No one on the team wanted to play with you. I was just the only one being real with you and not hiding it.”

CDL players arguing on TwitterTwitter
Accuracy was allegedly a big reason as to why Censor never played an official CDL match.

This comes just days after Accuracy publicly called out Censor, tweeting at him to “keep my name out of your mouth you sh**ter,” to which Censor replied to by saying, “Lamar, you are trash.”

It’s clear these two never quite saw eye to eye behind the scenes. Though that wouldn’t be a first for the original NYSL lineup as Donovan ‘Temp’ Laroda also had his issues with Censor in 2020.