CDL pros expose “crazy” snaking movement exploit in Modern Warfare 2

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We got our first look at Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer gameplay during Call of Duty Next. Slide canceling no longer appears to be an issue, but snaking is back and more annoying than ever.

Just hearing the word snaking sends shivers down the spine of CoD veterans. Snaking refers to players abusing the crouch and prone movement mechanics to bob and weave behind cover. Players can shoot at enemies while snaking, making it nearly impossible to shoot back at them.

CDL pros called out Atlanta Faze’s ‘Cellium‘ for abusing the mechanic during Black Ops Cold War. Pro players agreed on a GA (gentleman’s agreement) to refrain from abusing it, but stars went back and forth accusing each other in 2021.

Snaking was not a significant issue for CoD Vanguard, as most debate revolved around slide canceling. At Call of Duty Next, several current and former professional CoD players got their hands on Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

Clips surfaced online of players snaking at the event, unleashing a wave of debate on social media.

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Modern Warfare 2 marks the return of snaking in the pro scene.

Call of Duty Next Gameplay confirms the return of snaking

CDL Intel created a montage of Minnesota RØKKR’s ‘Attach,’ Boston Breach’s ‘Methodz,’ and free agent ‘Crimsix’ trying out snaking.

‘Methodz’ briefly showed the overpowered mechanic and said, “this is crazy; it is impossible to kill someone from here.”

Minnesota RØKKR star ‘Attach’ claimed, “snaking is crazy in this game,” as he maneuvered back and forth behind the main desk of a building.

In classic Crimsix fashion, the CoD legend snaked behind cover on Farm 18 and joked, “Cellium is going to love this game,” referring back to previous allegations.

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer gameplay at CoD Next was still an early game build, and features are subject to change. CDL players and fans can only sit and hope snaking doesn’t rear its ugly head again.