CDL pro Shotzzy reveals “baffling” MW2 swimming trick

OpTic Texas

Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas-Castro may have just revealed a “baffling” new movement mechanic in Modern Warfare 2.

Former CDL MVP and CoD World Champion Shotzzy has found a new way to break Modern Warfare 2’s movement.

The electrifying SMG player is a human highlight reel, constantly pushing the limits of what’s possible. In Call of Duty Vanguard, the OpTic Texas player lept around maps like a frog, finding spots unbeknownst to any other player.

He carried over that same aggressive play style to Modern Warfare 2 despite the multiple nerfs to movement compared to its predecessor.

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Now, Shottzy is back at it again, this time unearthing a way to jump out of the water without mantling.

OpTic Texas' Shottzy and Scump standing back to back.OpTic Texas
Shotzzy has already played with some of the best players in CoD history.

Shotzzy reveals new swimming mechanic on Zarqwa Hydroelectric

On January 24, Shottzy shared a highlight clip, jumping out of the water like a dolphin before proceeding to wipe out an entire team like it was nothing.

By diving to the bottom of the water on Hydroelectric and swimming back up, players can jump onto a ledge without needing to mantle. The skill requires a lot of practice and only works in certain sweet spots, but it could be the difference between winning or losing a gunfight.

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Naturally, this move stunned members of the community. One person responded, “the fact you can jump out of the water without mantling 1000 times baffles me.”

A second fan added, “best movement in the game.”

Next time you tune in to an OpTic Texas match on Hydroelectric, keep an eye on the mini-map and just watch Shotzzy fly around the map. A word of warning to any players that might want to recreate this impressive feat: it’s not as easy as the CDL prodigy makes it look.

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