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CDL playlist coming to Modern Warfare but it’s not Ranked Play

by Alan Bernal
Infinity Ward


Infinity Ward revealed on February 10 that they are adding an official CDL playlist to Modern Warfare Season 2, but it falls short of Ranked playlist the community is craving.

The high stakes of the Call of Duty League play out around a defined ruleset that lets every team come into a match with competitive but fair loadouts to their teams. While the overarching multiplayer experience is geared toward a fun time, the CDL rules cater to a more organized arena.

With the launch of Season 2 on February 11, the wider Modern Warfare player base will get a taste of a more grounded approach to online matchmaking as revealed in the roadmap for MW’s next chapter.

CDL YouTube
The new playlist will let Modern Warfare players experience the action like the pros do on stage.


“Fight like the pros in this Call of Duty League ruleset playlist,” Infinity Ward said in their roadmap. The mode will alter everything from the game’s settings to the maps, weapons, modes, and more - identical to the parameters that pro teams are confined to on the big stage.

Moreover, a major point to get hype about is the reintroduction of the classic minimap to multiplayer. Despite heavy criticism, Infinity Ward still hasn't brought back the normal red-dot feature on the minimap, but since the competitive format does use it, so will this new playlist.

For the full official competitive ruleset used by the CDL that will feature in this playlist, make sure to check out our Call of Duty League info hub.

Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare is getting a CDL playlist in Season 2.


While the news has been met with a ton of positive feedback, it seems like players are still holding their breaths for a meaningful Ranked component to Modern Warfare.

The upcoming CDL playlist will be a safe haven for a ton of members in the CoD community who want to distance themselves from the random chaos that a typical MW match can easily devolve into.

Though there will be some respite for that in Season 2 since it doesn’t look like the official CDL ruleset will be the Ranked mode that many have been waiting for.

Infinity Ward
It could be a bit longer until Modern Warfare gets a proper Ranked mode.


Players have been asking for a Ranked Play ever since Modern Warfare first dropped so that they can match up against people of similar skill level and strive to achieve the highest rank they can in a competitive setting.

Unfortunately, it seems like not even the developers themselves are sure when, or if, that mode will be released, as one recently commented on Reddit saying they "don't have details on that."

Modern Warfare’s upcoming mode is bound to attract a wide range of players to it, but it looks like the community will have to be patient to see if Infinity Ward will bring a proper Ranked Play in the future.