CDL Major IV will have no audience and fans are booing

Call of Duty League

Major IV of the Call of Duty League will not have a live audience after changing the host city, and fans are disappointed about the news.

Every year, different CDL majors are hosted by one of its league’s teams in their city or state. Recently, Major II was hosted by the Boston Breach in Boston and the upcoming Major III is slated to be hosted by OpTic Texas in Arlington. 

Major IV was similarly meant to be hosted by a team. This time the New York Subliners were slated to host it, but it was announced by the team in late 2022 they would not be hosting it any longer. 

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In a tweet by the CDL, it was announced Major IV will be taking place in Columbus, Ohio from April 20-23. As well as this change of location, the Call of Duty League also confirmed there will be no live audience for the Major. The only way for fans to watch the major will be online through streams. 

In response to this update, fans of the CDL have reacted negatively to the recent announcement. Especially New York Subliners fans. 

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Creative director for NYXL, the owners of the Subliners, Lucero tweeted in response, “ We get it. We’re not hosting a major here. Thanks for the reminder.” 

And content creator for NYSL, Tucker, sarcastically replied, “ cheers son’s crying. Nice one.” 

Many others have also mocked the choice of location in Ohio. Some making fun because of Ohio has become a huge meme, but others criticizing the midwestern town as an odd choice as no CDL team represents it. 

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As of now, Major IV will not have any spectators, but the proceeding Major V hosted by the Toronto Ultra will have an audience, as confirmed by the CDL’s tweet. 

The upcoming Major III is currently in its qualifying stage. If you would like to read about it. You can find our coverage here

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