CDL Launch Weekend stats: Surprise player tops Simp and FormaL


Following Activision’s Call of Duty League Launch Weekend, fans now have an idea of how the Modern Warfare season will shape up — but one surprise player stole the show from some familiar names.

Activision’s Call of Duty League Launch Weekend was an all-round success, as strong viewership numbers for the livestream, but particularly the match VODs on their dedicated YouTube channel.

With all eyes fixed on how the pros would show as they represented their cities for the first time, each player was looking to put their stamp on the league, But one player, in particular, left his mark on the competition. 

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Wuskin playing Call of Duty.MLG
London Royal Ravens’ wuskin was the star player of CDL Launch Weekend.

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Plenty of stories emerged from the weekend’s action, from the Huntsmen versus Empire rivalry kicking off to Guerrillas having to forfeit a series-turning map. Yet wuskin’s standout performance seems to have flown completely under the radar. 

Thanks to Atlanta FaZe’s analyst, ‘Easy Mac,’ CDL fans have been treated to some in-depth statistics on player performance from the opening weekend, which are all tied up in a neat spreadsheet.

While the usual suspects appear on the list, such as FaZe’s Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr and Huntsmen’s Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper, wuskin managed to shine bright at the top of the overall kill-to-death ratio leaderboard for the weekend. 

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Overall K/D for CDL Launch Weekend.Easy Mac
Wuskin posted a mammoth 1.60 K/D ratio across all game modes for London Royal Ravens.

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Marshall proved his worth the most in Domination, after posting a 1.88 K/D for the entire weekend — blowing FormaL’s 1.62 K/D out of the water. 

While his Hardpoint K/D only just creeped into the top five (at a still outstanding 1.34), the 22-year-old also clocked in an average hill time of 68.5 seconds… Proving that he can play the objective while holding his own in important enemy engagements. 

Wuskin was pushed down to sixth on the S&D K/D leaderboard by four members of FaZe, who proved dominant in the game type all weekend. After all, Atlanta’s star-studded squad couldn’t have Marshall taking all of the limelight. 

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Stats for all game modes from CDL Launch WeekendEasy Mac
Respawn game modes seemed to favor Royal Ravens’ AR support.

Of course, stats don’t paint the entire picture, as S&D can come down to pivotal moments. And wuskin ticked that box too, as he managed to pull off a seemingly impossible one-versus-three clutch versus New York Subliners (which also featured in the top five plays of CDL’s Launch weekend).

Minnesota crowd during New York Subliners versus London Royal Ravens.Activision
Wuskin led Royal Ravens to a 3-0 sweep of the Subliners.

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There is no doubt that wuskin showed up on the big stage when it mattered the most. Despite the Brit’s best efforts, Royal Ravens went 3-3 on map count for the weekend. 

Nonetheless, wuskin and co. will host the next CDL event in London at the Copper Box Arena, in what is set to be a lively trip across the pond for several teams.

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