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CDL Champs 2021 date potentially leaked by David Vonderhaar

Published: 11/Feb/2021 11:12 Updated: 11/Feb/2021 21:59

by Jacob Hale


The dates for the Call of Duty League Championship event for this season have possibly been leaked – by none other than Treyarch Studio Design Director David Vonderhaar.

CoD Champs is the biggest event on the Call of Duty calendar, with millions of dollars on the line as the best teams and players in the world go head-to-head.

Last season, as Modern Warfare drew to a close, Dallas Empire came out victorious against Atlanta FaZe, capping off a year where both teams were eagerly fighting for the top spot. Dallas took home $1.5m between them and will be raring to go back-to-back this year, too.


That said, there’s not much known about this year’s CDL Champs event — or there wasn’t, until now.

Dallas Empire winning Champs
Call of Duty League
Dallas Empire took home the first CDL Championship.

With the regular season schedule released in full, many fans have been left wondering when the Championship event will take place.

While August is always the month it occurs, exact dates have been impossible to come by, but it seems like Treyarch’s beloved Vonderhaar may have accidentally leaked the dates in a post leading up to the first event of the year.

In a tweet discussing a gift box from Atlanta FaZe ahead of their Home Series, Vahn showed several sheets full of messages and various tidbits of information.


However, what’s most interesting is the card placed at the very bottom on the left side of the photo.

If you zoom in, you can see that following a list of the final Home Series events of the season, there is one event that simply says “August 9-15th: CDL.”

Leaked CDL Champs 2021 dates
Twitter: DavidVonderhaar
Vonderhaar might have accidentally leaked the CDL Champs dates.

Most assume this to be the Champs dates, as it fits with the scheduling of previous years. If so, this places it as a week-long spectacle from Monday to Sunday, spreading matches out until the coveted Championship Sunday. This hasn’t been officially confirmed yet though, so take it with a grain of salt.


While we don’t know much about the post-season tournament, it’s bound to be an exciting one, and these potential dates can give fans something to set their sights towards.

Dexerto reached out to Atlanta FaZe who clarified the dates in the calendar had not been confirmed.