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CDL Challengers Elite Stage 3 playoffs final placements & results

Published: 6/May/2021 14:48

by Jacob Hale


The Call of Duty League Challengers Stage 3 Elite is over and done with, with some intense matches between the very best amateur teams across Europe and North America.

Throughout the entire Black Ops Cold War season, hundreds of competitors across the world have been battling week in, week out to prove they’re among the very best, attempting to fight their way into the CDL.

Dominated by former pros who feel they deserve to be back in the big leagues, and hot young guns just waiting for their opportunity, here are the results from the Elite Stage 3 in EU and NA.


NA Challengers Stage 3 Elite placements

Place Prize Team Roster
1 $20,000 EastR GRVTY, Jurd, John, Sib
2 $10,000 uT Crew Phantomz, Wrecks, Yeez, MajorManiak
3 $6,000 LAG Academy MentaL, Nero, Exceed, Maux
4 $5,000 Built By Gamers GodRx, KiSMET, Pandur, Pentagrxm
5 $4,000 Fantastic Four Methodz, Slacked, Fire, Jintroid
6 $3,000 Subliners Academy Prolute, Spart, Saints, Hamza

After finishing 2nd in the regular season, EastR went and took home the lion’s share of the $48k prize pool at Stage 3 playoffs, beating uT Crew 3-1 in the grand final.

An evolution of the former WestR team, this squad has been a regular sight in grand finals throughout the season, with some seriously stacked talent.

Fantastic Four, a squad stacked with benched CDL talent, came in 5th, while the LAG Academy look like they’re really coming together, pulling a 3rd place finish out of the bag.

EU Challengers Stage 3 Elite placements

Place Prize Team Roster
1 $20,000 Amelia Strays Chaaxter, NukeJ, Piero, Watson
2 $10,000 Elevate Bidz, Denza, Hicksy, Weeman
3 $6,000 Mav3ricks Gaming Club Sukry, EriKBooM, SupeR, YaKo
4 $5,000 Orgless Joshh, Nastie, Vortex, Harry
5 $4,000 Team WaR envdiaN, JurNii, Lucky,  MettalZ
6 $3,000 Team 3G Beans, Keza, KidzZ, Niall

After some time playing together, Amelia Strays finally managed to put all their best traits together to take out Europe’s finest. They beat Elevate 3-2 in an action-packed grand final, naming themselves Challengers champions of Europe in the process.


The Spanish sides came out in force once again, too, with Mav3ricks Gaming Club and Team WaR showing that there’s more to European Call of Duty than just the Brits that typically dominate.

Those are all of the final placements from the Challengers Stage 3 Elite tournaments in NA and EU. Can these teams keep up their momentum throughout the rest of the season?

With the CDL poaching some top amateur talent, we might be seeing a big shake-up going forward.