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CDL 2021 viewership rewards to include Cold War & Warzone Operator Skins

Published: 29/Jan/2021 20:32

by Tanner Pierce


If you’re a Call of Duty League fan and enjoy all of the in-game perks that come with the esport’s livestreams then you might be in luck, as 2021 CDL viewers should be getting Operator Skins as a reward in the near future just for watching the season unfold. 

Rewards are nothing new for watching CDL gameplay. Since the league’s debut, Activision have incentivized viewers to watch these livestreams by giving them cosmetic items that they can use in Call of Duty.

All of the rewards, however, are usually relatively minor. While the devs will give out a bigger item like a knife blueprint every once in a while, they usually stick to smaller things like stickers, sprays, emblems, etc. But for the 2021 season, that might be changing.


According to an interview with Sports Business Journal, Activision Blizzard Esports’ Chief Commercial Officer, Brandon Snow, says that the company is going to be offering “high-end” rewards, and, more specifically, Operator skins.

According to a new interview, fans might be getting higher end rewards like Operator skins for watching CDL streams.

While the interview doesn’t mention any game specifically, the planned Operator skins will almost certainly be for Black Ops Cold War, which would mean that they would be usable in Warzone as well.

Unfortunately, that’s where details end. While the interview mentions that these rewards will be given out based on how long you watch CDL livestreams, there’s nothing specific about how long you’ll need to watch or reward release dates.


Because Snow mentions that the skins are “high-end” rewards, it sounds like viewers will have to watch CDL livestreams for a while before they end up earning the goodies.

CDL fans are already able to get their hands on special rewards by watching livestreams.

Generally speaking, viewers have to put in a couple hours before they earn other items, so it can be assumed that the more exclusive rewards will take much longer to acquire.

This might mean that these ideas are in the pipeline and will come to fruition sometime later this season, rather than right around the corner. Of course, that’s pure speculation and there’s always a chance that big rewards could pop up sooner than later.