Can you still play Warzone 1 in 2023?

Warzone CalderaActivision

Although the sequel is here, many Warzone fans might be wondering if they can return to the original game and visit Caldera. Here’s everything you need to know about playing Warzone 1 in 2023.

Following the launch of Warzone 2, it’s no surprise that attention has mostly turned to the new era of CoD’s battle royale – from both a player and developer point of view.

However, either due to the controversial features added to the sequel or nostalgia for the original’s gameplay and map, there are some players dying to return to Caldera. But can you still play Warzone 1 now that the follow-up is here?

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Here’s everything you need to know about accessing the original Warzone.

Can you still play Warzone 1 in 2023?

Good news for fans of the classic CoD BR, Warzone 1 is still playable under the new guise of ‘Warzone Caldera.’ Warzone 1 was temporarily offline when the sequel first arrived, but around a week later the servers came back and the rebrand as Warzone Caldera was complete.

The game is essentially the final version of Warzone that players enjoyed up until Warzone 2 launched in November 2022, with a few key features removed. Resurgence maps like Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth are no longer available, the only playlist options are Solos and Quads, and there’s no Battle Pass to work through.

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However, the map, weapons, and overall gameplay remain untouched, so the core experience you know and love is still there.

If you are looking to switch Al Mazrah for Caldera, it’s worth keeping in mind that Warzone 1 is no longer the main priority of the developers. This means that glitches, weapon imbalances, and other issues may take longer to be addressed, if at all.

Warzone Caldera artworkActivision
Warzone 1 is now known as Warzone Caldera, giving players the chance to revisit the old map.

How to play Warzone Caldera

You can access Warzone Caldera through the Modern Warfare (2019) app, exactly the same as you would have played Warzone 1 when it was in its prime. For a detailed explanation, be sure to check out our guide on how to download Warzone Caldera on all platforms.

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There is one major caveat, though. Warzone Caldera is currently only available to those who have previously played Warzone 1 or own a copy of Modern Warfare (2019). This means it can’t be found on console storefronts or as a standalone app.

It’s unclear at the moment if this is a bug that Activision Blizzard intends to address in the future, or an intentional decision to encourage new players to hop straight into Warzone 2.

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