Call of Duty

Call of Duty’s Black Market returns to Black Ops 4 today - New Blackout characters, specialists outfits, signature weapons and more

by Matt Porter


Treyarch and Activision have announced that the Black Market customization system is returning to Call of Duty in Black Ops 4, and will be available in-game starting on Friday, October 19.


The Black Market, which Treyarch describes as “the one-stop shop for awesome gear and new ways to express yourself in Black Ops 4,” will be available on PlayStation 4 only on October 19, but will go live on Xbox One and PC one week later on Friday, October 26.

Players will be able to acquire brand new Blackout characters, different outfits for their specialist characters in multiplayer, signature weapons and new spray tags and gestures for your characters.


Also included in the new version of the Black Market is Contraband, a “stream in the Black Market which provides a progression path to earn the items you want simply by playing the game.”

Contraband items will be available seasonally through Operations, with new Operations releasing every few months. The first of these is named ‘First Strike’, and goes live on Friday, October 19 only on PS4.


Blackjack’s Shop also makes a return in Black Ops 4, allowing players to buy specific and limited edition gear, with content available in the shop refreshing every few weeks.

Treyarch also intend to run special themed events throughout the year, the first of these being for Halloween. Players will be able to earn Halloween gear for free through challenges which go live on Saturday, October 20.