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Call of Duty: WWII Weapon Balancing Patch Notes - June 19th

by DG Goldstein


Sledgehammer has released a new Playlist Update in Call of Duty: WWII which is highlighted by various weapon balancing adjustments.

Since its release in November of 2017, Sledgehammer has introduced a collection of updates and hotfixes into Call of Duty: WWII in order to keep the game 'fresh.'


WWII saw an immense amount of fanfare from community members after it was revealed that the title would be utilizing 'boots on the ground' combat after three years of 'advanced movement,' which was a major driving point for many.

As time goes on, the developer has maintained a constant line of communication with players and fans to hear necessary feedback via avenues such as Twitter, Reddit, and their Community Blog, in order to keep the title balanced.


On June 19th, Sledgehammer announced a Playlist Update which included adjustments to various weapons, hotfixes to Ranked Play, and much more!

The full patch notes can be found below for the June 19th update.


Announcements, Updates, and Hot Fixes - June 19th



  • Slight fire rate buff

M2 Carbine

  • Slight fire rate buff

M1A1 Carbine

  • Slight fire rate buff

Type 38

  • Slight ADS transition time and rechamber time nerf


  • Rolled out Phase 1 of restoring Ranked Play MMR values to pre-bug fix values for affected players
  • Reduced spawn frequency of Tesla Gun in MP Zombie modes Infected and Hordepoint


  • 2XP on Infected, Hordepoint, and Relic of the Undead! Live until the end of the Attack of the Undead Community Event on Tuesday, June 26


  • Blunderbuss Week is now live until the end of the Attack of the Undead Community Event on Tuesday, June 26


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Source: Reddit