Call of Duty: Warzone battle royale: Trailer, details, more revealed

. 2 years ago
Infinity Ward

After numerous leaks, rumors, and reports, battle royale returns to the Call of Duty in the form of Warzone, a brand-new 150 player mode developed by Infinity Ward to accompany Modern Warfare.

Fans of the legendary first-person shooter franchise have been clamoring for news about a possible battle royale, with data miners and leakers teasing that they would soon be diving into a brand-new map following the success of Treyarch’s Blackout in Black Ops 4.

After all the speculation and some teases in Modern Warfare itself, Infinity Ward have finally confirmed that Warzone is on its way to Call of Duty fans around the world, with the game releasing for free on all platforms in an announcement on Monday, March 9.

Main menu in Modern Warfare.
Modern Warfare’s main menu has had a “Classified” section since Season Two began.

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Call of Duty: Warzone confirmed

Infinity Ward officially released the first trailer for Call of Duty: Warzone on Monday, March 9, giving fans a look at what they can expect when the mode goes live. 150 players will dive into one of the largest battle royale maps ever, complete with legendary locations from past titles like Terminal, Scrapyard, and Broadcast, along with some specially-designed new points-of-interest designed by the developers.

Warzone is unlike any battle royale we’ve ever seen before though. While games like Fortnite and Apex Legends have introduced ways to respawn in the past, Infinity Ward have created a fascinating new system that is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Players collect cash while searching for loot around the map, which can then be exchanged at Buy Stations to revive a fallen comrade at a hefty price.

If you’ve been eliminated early in the match though, you can actually earn your way back into the action at the Gulag, a 1v1 showdown where the winner jumps back into the action and the loser hopes their teammates are flush with cash.

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For those eager to get into the action, the good news is that you won’t have long to wait before you can jump into Infinity Ward’s battle royale map, with the Classified tab now reading as a countdown which is set to expire on Tuesday, March 10.

Call of Duty: Warzone will be available as part of your Modern Warfare game, or as a stand-alone launcher on PC via, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network.

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