Call of Duty Vanguard players want to copy Halo Infinite audio setting

halo infinite and call of duty vanguard343 Industries/Activision

Halo Infinite launched on November 15, six years after Halo 5, and players have quickly flocked to it to rediscover their love for the franchise. Now, some CoD players want certain features and settings copied over into Vanguard.

Audio has been an ongoing complaint from Call of Duty players. This is especially true in Warzone, where directional audio and limited settings have been a frequent drawback for players.

This problem has carried over into Vanguard, with players frustrated by some of the audio in the game, especially in regards to background noise.

As it turns out, Halo Infinite has the perfect setting that could counteract this — and CoD players want it in Vanguard.

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cod vanguard smg firingActivision
Vanguard players want to see some changes with the audio.

WIth top Call of Duty pros and personalities already looking on wistfully at the success of Halo Infinite, players are also jealous of the more core aspects of the game, and one audio setting has got players talking.

Posting to the CoDCompetitive subreddit, though certainly something the wider player base would be interested in, Oraclles asked: “Can we PLEASE get this Halo audio setting in Vanguard?”

The setting in question was for “environmental effects” or, more simply, that extra background noise that is made on the map, such as raindrops or things falling that are irrelevant to gameplay.

In Call of Duty, background noise is a near-permanent fixture on pretty much every map. Be it loud wind sounds, paint cans falling or anything else, the environmental sound effects can help add to the immersion of the battlefield — or, in some players’ minds, become more of a distraction.

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Whether Vanguard devs Sledgehammer Games take this feedback on board and decide to make some changes remains to be seen, but we can’t imagine many players would complain about it.