Call of Duty Vanguard players roast “completely useless” blind-fire mechanic

Jaret Kappelman

Call of Duty: Vanguard introduced a new mechanic, blind fire, that was supposed to serve as a way to kill enemies, but players are calling it completely pointless. 

With every new CoD that is released, there are new features that are brought into the game. Vanguard saw the likes of destructible environments, 10 weapon attachments, and more.

One mechanic that was new is blind fire, which allows people to shoot their weapons without revealing themselves in the open.

However, many are roasting the mechanic, claiming there is never an ideal situation to use it.

Vanguard players don’t see a use for the blind-fire mechanic.

CoD Vanguard players call blind fire pointless

When Vanguard was revealed, we got a sneak peek at a brand-new blind-fire option that will be in the game. Fast forward a month after its release and some players don’t even know how to use it.

This Reddit post by ‘Bando28’ has the entire community agreeing that blind fire might be one of the most useless ideas in Call of Duty history.

They have played the game for over 80 hours and haven’t found one instance that they were blind firing. On top of that, it hasn’t been used in any of the Vanguard kickoff tournaments despite being allowed.

Not only are players finding that blind firing is useless, but some also aren’t even sure how to do it. One player said, “I’ve played for about 30 hours and I have literally no idea how to even blind fire.”

Blind Fire Vanguard
Vanguard players have poured dozen of hours into the game but never use blind-fire.

Another person added, “Blind-firing is completely useless. It’s just mounting with bad accuracy and half your body sticks out.” When this was introduced to the community there was some worry about it being overpowered as people could shoot without being shot at.

But Vanguard players were quick to find out that more than half your body is sticking out and it’s really challenging to get a kill. It is unknown if Sledgehammer Games will alter this system but players are calling it “the most useless mechanic ever added.”