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Call of Duty Vanguard player shows insane Goliath trick to baffle enemies

Published: 15/Nov/2021 14:53 Updated: 15/Nov/2021 15:22

by Jacob Hale


A CoD Vanguard player discovered a nifty little trick that gives you a huge height advantage over opponents, letting you rain fire and gather intel from across the map.

With Vanguard launching at the start of November, CoD players have slowly been figuring out all the key tricks to have every advantage over their opponents.

Whether that’s using the insane Combat Shotgun loadout for V2 Rockets or using the ‘elevator glitch’ to ascend into the skies, players will do anything to get the upper hand.

One player, though, has found a way of flying into the sky to gather enemy info and pick off heads without having to exploit or glitch the game at all.


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Players are still finding inventive new ways to excel in Vanguard.

As shown by BigHero6Fan, all you need is a Goliath Field Upgrade and a couple of Demolition Charges and you’ll be flying high in no time — literally.

Playing on Bocage with friends, BigHero6Fan put themselves in the perfect position to catch enemy pushes without having to get right into the fray.

They threw down a couple of Demolition Charges, and their teammate moved the Goliath into position right on top of them. Then, they stood on the Goliath, detonated the Demolition Charges and soared into the sky, seeing where their opponents were pushing and even sniping one in the process.


Of course, this requires a teammate willing to use their Goliath in such a way as well as a good shot to actually snipe someone in such a fashion.

While it’s a fun and innovative way to gather enemy intel, it’s unlikely we see this technique used much since it requires quite a lot of utility and won’t often yield much of a reward. That said, it’s pretty cool and, as proven here, can be incredibly helpful too.