Call of Duty Vanguard bug forces players to watch nonstop dog butts

call of duty vanguard mvp screen dogActivision / Pexels

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s MVP selection screen has a new bug, which gives attack dogs all of the attention — from the rear view. After being forced to see it, players are now sharing the bizarre glitch across the internet.

Look, there are a lot of terms for what Vanguard players are experiencing right now. Doggy derrieres, puppy poopers, hound hineys — whatever you want to call it, there’s a lot of dog butt going on.

And this isn’t some snarky metaphor for the game’s plague of hackers or frustrating absence of competitive features. No, there is literally a bug that subjects players to an MVP screen absolutely filled with the rear end of man’s best friend.

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So, without further ado, you can now see what all the commotion is about for yourself. Here’s what Reddit’s ‘Mayergaming’ found during the MVP screen following a casual game on Shipment.

Call of Duty Vanguard’s MVP bug is all dog butt

As you can see from the clip, things progressed normally at first. But, following a normal play of the game, the sound of barks began and, soon after, Mayer was introduced to behinds of three aggressive animals.

Against a background chorus of woofs, each MVP nominee was introduced and — instead of the traditional Operator intros — Mayer was placed where the sun doesn’t shine. One has to assume this isn’t an intended new feature and, unsurprisingly, the clip is now all over the internet.

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Vanguard’s MVP dog butts go viral

So there you have it. Many are already using this glitch as a metaphor for the game’s problems (which include frustrations over the MVP and POTG screens). Others are simply laughing and wondering, “what the dog doin’?”

Nobody knows precisely what caused the dogs to steal the spotlight like this, but it’s one of the weirder bugs we’ve seen. The best guess is that it’s a consequence of someone calling in their Attack Dogs killstreak at the end of a match.

Vanguard’s developers over at Sledgehammer Games have yet to respond confirming whether this is intended or a glitch. Until they do, be cautious when preparing to cast your votes.

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