Call of Duty trickshotter hits absurd MW2 clip while literally underwater IRL

call of duty trickshotter underwaterTwitter, @Potter / Activision

A Call of Duty player has upped the ante for the FaZe1 recruitment challenge with one of the wildest trick shots in CoD history. Potter nailed a trick snipe… while literally submerged in water in the real world.

FaZe Clan launched their FaZe1 recruitment challenge on January 27, with over $1 million in prizes and a chance to join the gaming and esports organization. 

With FaZe’s humble beginnings in the CoD montage world, it’s no surprise that hopeful candidates have begun posting trickshots for consideration. One such fan, Potter, took things to the next level, though. More specifically, he took things underwater.

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With his setup moved to the bathroom, Potter laid fully clothed, swimming goggles included, in the tub and… hit a Modern Warfare 2 trickshot while submerged. 

CoD player hits literal underwater trickshot for FaZe1 challenge

As you can see in the clip, Potter is laying in the tub when he dips his head underwater. At that point, with just his hands (holding the controller) and socked feet and legs above the water, he hits a falling, spinning snipe.

After blindly shooting, he rose from the depths to see if it worked. As he spotted the round-ending kill on his screen, he let out a series of screams of increasing intensity – a number of howls before a resounding “did I just hit it? Let’s go!”

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While the responses were absolutely shocked at Potter’s underwater trickshot, he apparently wasn’t satisfied. 

With people still asking to buy his trickshot bath water and calling it the “most creative” snipe ever, he’s continuing to push forward. The latest clip, in honor of Tom Brady’s retirement, included a snipe following an IRL field goal.

They say there’s a first time for everything and, thanks to Potter, we now know that to be true. As far as what’s next, he said in the replies that he’d like to try a skydiving trick shot if he wins the FaZe1 challenge.

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