Call of Duty server outage causes delays during $2.5m CDL Champs tournament

CDL skins in Vanguard with Call of Duty League logoActivision

CDL Champs 2022 started off with an exhilarating match between Seattle and London. However, excitement quickly wore off as a server outage caused a slight delay.

Out of all the days of the year, a server outage during CDL Champs has to be up there for one of the most unfortunate coincidences. Not only did the server outage happen during Champs, but it happened on the first day and just after the first match.

Fortunately, the first match of the day delivered on all fronts. London and Seattle traded blows back and forth before the Surge eventually walked away with a 3-2 victory.

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Server issues have caused similar delays throughout the 2022 CDL season. It is not a great look for Activision to have its $2.5 million dollar tournament delayed by a server outage.

CDL Los Angeles Home SeriesActivision
A server outage delayed the LA Thieves and Boston Breach Champs match.

Server outages cause CDL Champs delays

CDL Intel confirmed that BO3, BO4, Vanguard, and Warzone servers all experienced issues. The delay prompted the question of why tournaments are being held online instead of LAN like other major esports.

The Call of Duty League could do nothing but fill time with promo videos and other pre-recorded clips, as over 54,0000 viewers sat in the YouTube live stream.

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The action eventually resumed after a lengthy delay, and hopefully, it’s the last delay of the weekend.

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