Call of Duty

Call of Duty Release Another Teaser For Black Ops 4 - Potentially A Big Zombies Hint

by Calum Patterson


With the community reveal for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 fast approaching on May 17th, another teaser clip has been released to whet fans appetite.

In the lead up to the community event, three GIF images were teased by the official Call of Duty social channels, some showing weapons and even a molotov.


Most fans believed that these teasers were multiplayer related, given the leaks and rumors that there will be no single player campaign for the first time in a major Call of Duty release.

This is yet to be confirmed of course, but previous teasers from developers Treyarch included perks and the pick 10 system. As these are certainly multiplayer related, it points to no campaign mode being included.


Now though, a fourth teaser has been released, and this time looks like it definitely does not relate to multiplayer.

In the teaser, which typically is low quality and pixelated, a character wearing a robe of some description seems to hold something in their palm - possibly a bullet.


There is a possible link here to the Zombies teaser which Treyarch released previously, which seems to hint at a religious/cultist theme of some kind.

The robe looks similar to that worn by a priest, and if we are to believe that there is no campaign mode, then Zombies would be the next logical conclusion.

Fans will know for sure on May 17th, when the community reveal will go live at 10am PDT, and you can watch it right here.