Call of Duty pros “can’t play” Crown Raceway F1 map after reported legal troubles

modern warfare 2 crown raceway mapActivision

Call of Duty pros are apparently not allowed to play MW2 map Crown Raceway, presumably only for official Call of Duty League competition, shortly after the map was allowed back into the game following reported legal troubles.

Crown Raceway is a map based on the Marina Bay Grand Prix Formula 1 race track in Singapore. It features the F1 vehicles, pit lanes, and the surrounding areas of the race track, complete with the sound of cars racing around the track.

After a lot of promotion pre-release, the map — which was called Grand Prix before launch — mysteriously disappeared, with all promotional material around it vanishing from the internet.

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It came back ahead of the game’s launch, with a new name, and any issues surrounding the map seemingly cleared between Activision and Formula 1.

That might not entirely be the case, however, as Call of Duty League pros have apparently been told they’re not allowed to play the map.

During team scrimmages between Boston Breach and Minnesota Røkkr, the teams were playing through certain hardpoint maps. Once they had played through their first set, stream viewers (and even the players themselves) asked whether they would be playing Crown Raceway, as it’s proven to be very popular among players.

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While discussing it privately, Røkkr’s Dillon ‘Attach’ Price claimed that opponent Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni had text him, saying that “we can’t play” the F1 map, with the rest of the Røkkr team clearly baffled by the decision.

This came after some rumors started to swirl around why the pros had not been practicing on Crown Raceway, with some suggesting that they might actually not be allowed to play it at all.

It’s believed that this is due to the legal issues that were reported in regards to the map, though nothing has been made official yet.

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Dexerto has reached out to Activision and the Call of Duty League for comment.