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Call of Duty Pro League transfer period Rostermania hub *UPDATING*

Published: 1/Mar/2019 16:41 Updated: 25/Mar/2019 9:51

by Matt Porter


The first month of the CWL Pro League is now behind us, with all 16 teams from both divisions battling it out in an attempt to build momentum heading into Call of Duty tournament.

Alongside a chance for players and teams to practice and rest ahead of Fort Worth, the break also brought an opportunity for CWL Pro League teams to make some changes.

100 Thieves have finished at the top of Division B.
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The transfer window has now shut for CWL Pro League teams, meaning we have seen the end of teams trying to improve their rosters, although there are still a few teams yet to confirm their final line-ups. While some teams have used their substitute position as a way to bring in a fresh face or address issues in their squad, this is the first time since prior to the Pro League Qualifier that teams were able to make wholesale changes to their rosters.


The roster movement period ended last night, Friday, March 8 at 6PM EST / 3PM PST / 11PM GMT.

Rumours surrounding Dillon ‘Attach’ Price’s move to Evil Geniuses proved true, with the move being confirmed as a loan late on March 8. However, his ex-teammate ZooMaa put an end to speculation linking him with CWL Pro League teams; tweeting to confirm that he’d be sitting CWL Fort Worth out. 

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The main story that emerged from March 8 was the overhaul of Midnight Esports’ roster, seeing Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon, Carson ‘Brack’ Newberry and Eric ‘JetLi’ Phan all being released. Envoy has previously been rumoured to be on his way to Gen.G, who still have a space on their roster, but this is yet to be confirmed by either party


They were replaced with veterans Chris ‘Parasite’ Duarte, Andres ‘Lacefield’ Lacefield and up-and-coming Rasim ‘Blazt’ Ogresevic. The move comes amid controversy of CWL Pro League teams releasing the players that played during qualifiers, in favour of more experienced line-ups. Midnight become the third notable organization to drastically change their roster, joining UYU and Excelerate Gaming.

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Confirmed CWL Pro League Rostermania Timeline

  • Period #1: March 1 – March 8
  • Period #2: April 5 – April 22
  • Period #3: June 17 – June 20

(Full rosters listed below transfer trades)

March 19

  • Simp: eUnited substitute > eUnited starter
  • JKap: eUnited starter > eUnited substitute

March 12

  • Envoy: FA > Gen.G

March 9

  • Skyz: FA > Excelerate Gaming
  • MRuiz: FA > Excelerate Gaming
  • ProFeeZy: FA> Excelerate Gaming
  • Brack: FA > Excelerate Gaming
  • JetLi: FA > Excelerate Gaming

March 8

  • Parasite: FA > Midnight Esports
  • Lacefield: FA > Midnight Esports
  • Blazt: G2 Esports > Midnight Esports
  • Envoy: Midnight Esports > FA
  • Brack: Midnight Esports > FA
  • JetLi: Midnight Esports > FA
  • Attach: FaZe Clan > Evil Geniuses (on loan)
  • Simp: eUnited Cadets > eUnited substitute
  • Chino: FA > Enigma6 Group
  • Kade: Enigma6 Group > FA
  • Saints: FA > Midnight Esports
  • Beehzy: FA > UYU substitute

March 7 

  • Parzelion: Midnight Esports > UYU
  • Spoof: UYU > FA
  • Skyz: UYU > FA

March 6

  • SpaceLy: Gen.G > Restricted FA
  • Beehzy: Excelerate Gaming > FA
  • MRuiz: Excelerate Gaming > FA
  • Believe: Excelerate Gaming > FA
  • ProFeezy: Excelerate Gaming > FA
  • RobbieB: Excelerate Gaming > FA

March 1

  • Dylan: FA > Team Reciprocity 
  • Denz: Team Reciprocity starter > Team Reciprocity substitute

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Current CWL Pro League Rosters


Team Starting Roster Substitute Coach
OpTic Gaming Scump, Crimsix, Karma, Dashy, TJHaLy ZooMaa TeePee
Luminosity Gaming Slacked, John, FormaL, Gunless, Classic Ricky Ricky
Midnight Esports LlamaGod, Saints, Blazt, Lacefield, Parasite Pandur TBA
Evil Geniuses Goonjar, Royalty, FeLo, Xotic, Attach GodRx Revan
UYU Proto, Mayhem, Knight, Methodz, Parzelion Beehzy VandyJF
Team Reciprocity wuskin, Tommey, Zed, Seany, Dylan Denz ShAnE
Gen.G MajorManiak, Nagafen, Maux, Havok, Envoy Louqa Nubzy
Red Reserve Joee, Rated, Zer0, Skrapz, Bance Shockz Dominate


Team Starting Roster Substitute Coach
eUnited Clayster, Arcitys, Prestinni, aBeZy, Simp JKap Saint
Splyce Loony, AquA, Jurd, Accuracy, Temp Happy MarkyB
Team Envy ACHES, Apathy, SiLLY, Assault, Huke Bevils Bevils
Enigma6 Group KiSMET, General, Diabolic, Frosty, Chino Sender Sender
100 Thieves Enable, Octane, SlasheR, Kenny, Priestahh Fero Crowder
Heretics KFC Lucky, MethodZ, JurNii, Sukry, MeTTalZz Lgend Lgend
Excelerate Gaming Skyz, MRuiz, ProFeeZy, Brack, FA5TBALLA Atura
Denial Esports ZeeK, rizK, Wailers, Breszy, Natshay Staan Blfire