Call of Duty Pro Joshh Announces He Is Taking a Break from Social Media Following Loss to His Former Teammates

The latest addition to Splyce’s professional Call of Duty roster, Joshua-Lee ‘Joshh’ Sheppard, has decided to take a break from social media following recent results in the CWL Pro League.

Joshh was replaced on Red Reserve prior to the start of Season 2 for the CWL Pro League as the European team brought Matthew ‘Skrapz’ Marshall on board from UNILAD.

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He soon found a new home on Splyce, the only other European team to challenge for an event win so far during the Call of Duty: WWII season, who had recently dropped veteran player Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren.

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Splyce’s decision to remove Tommey from the roster confused a lot of people at the time and some fans of the team questioned whether Joshh would be able to bring the same fire power to the team when he joined.

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Unfortunately for Splyce, their first few matches in the CWL Pro League have not gone to plan as they’ve picked up just one 3-2 victory over Evil Geniuses and lost 3-1 to Team Kaliber, 3-2 to Echo Fox, and 3-0 to Red Reserve.

As the newest member of the team, Joshh has felt the brunt of much of the criticism levelled at Splyce for the results and following the loss to his former teammates he announced that he would be taking some time away from social media.

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It isn’t hard to imagine the sort of comments that Joshh was reading on his timeline following the Red Reserve loss and he’s clearly exasperated with the often uneducated comments.

It isn’t just fans that seem to be getting on his nerves, though, as he notes that some of the comments are coming from people “who you would think have some sort of idea”.

Splyce and Joshh will be looking to turn things around in the second week of Division A action. Their next match will be against Team Envy on May 22nd.