Call of Duty players want more booty on Donnie Darko skin

. 8 months ago
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For Season 6 Halloween, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone players got a new Frank the Rabbit skin from “Donnie Darko.” But there’s a problem with the new outfit: the rabbit is struggling in the tail area.

Video games often run into any number of problems, some more game-breaking than others. Warzone’s Halloween Haunting event has been no exception — with a “Spiderman” Doc Ock bug and an “Exorcist” glitch popping up.

But the multiplayer side has a different issue. A redditor named ‘Idrinkyourmilkshake’ took to the internet after purchasing the Donnie Darko skin and finding a critical concern: the bunny has no booty.

Ultimately, the post was silenced and scrubbed from the site by moderators. But that wasn’t before it hit 700-plus upvotes and most certainly not before we saw the cause for concern. So here we are, upholding Milkshake’s fight for Frank’s gas in the tank.

Call of Duty’s Donnie Darko skin criticized for lack of booty

Milkshake brought the problem to everyone’s attention with an excellently framed profile shot of Frank the Rabbit. Accompanying the cinematic angle, they asked a simple question: “I’m sorry, but why does Frank have no ass?”

If you look at the picture, it’s easy to understand why. While Frank has a hefty torso and thick thighs, the backside is most certainly lacking. One has to wonder if the devs could have considered “Frank the Plank” as an Operator name instead.

donnie darko frank the rabbit
Flower Films
It’s unclear quite how thick Frank was in the original “Donnie Darko” film.

In the replies, many agreed with Milkshake’s concern. One user called the situation a “tragedy” while others claimed the game was now “unplayable.” Milkshake also doubled down, claiming that the “lack of ass is absolutely criminal and NOT canon.”

While Milkshake explicitly called on the developers at Treyarch to ‘fix their game’ in the title, it remains unclear if they saw the message. But, if you immerse yourself in some conspiratorial thinking, there’s reason to wonder who truly is behind the post’s deletion.

We won’t dive into speculation about the Donnie Darko derriere conspiracy. Instead, we’ll leave you with what seems to be Reddit’s new mission: “Give Frank a donk.”

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