Call of Duty players hit out at Sledgehammer over Vanguard’s “useless” field upgrades

Call of Duty Vanguard Deployable Cover next to character with gunActivision

Call of Duty: Vanguard players have hit out at the game’s Field Upgrades as “useless”, calling on developers Sledgehammer Games to improve them over the course of the WWII instalment’s life-span. 

Field Upgrades, while not new in Call of Duty: Vanguard, are still fairly new to the series more generally. They form part of a player’s Create a Class, offering some extra utility on top of weapon and projectile.

In Vanguard there are nine to choose from, each offering players something slightly different to augment their loadout in-game. They are: Supply Box, Deployable Cover, Dead Silence, Goliath, Jammer, Dead Drop, Tactical Insertion, Field Mic and Armor Plates.

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However, despite the array of equipment on offer, some players are unsatisfied.

CoD Vanguard Whitley LMG being usedActivision
Vanguard Season 2 is here, but some want to see changes to Field Upgrades.

One post, from Redditor ‘Kingtinkerer102‘, hit out at the Field Upgrades in Vanguard and claimed that “most of them are useless”.

Running through them, they dismissed the Jammer as garbage, while other ones – like the Field Mic and Tactical Insertion – are useful in theory but too difficult to deploy and keep from being destroyed.

They also denounced the Goliath as an even slower version of the series’ RC-XD killstreak, and also questioned why anyone would use Dead Silence in a game where footsteps are so hard to discern by default.

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Concluding their post, they called (once again) for Trophy Systems to be added. Up to now, Sledgehammer have refused on the basis that they are not ‘historically accurate’, despite the fact there weren’t Attack on Titan characters running around in WWII either.

Plenty of players responded to echo the OP’s sentiment, calling on Sledgehammer to improve many of the Field Upgrades so they actually impact gameplay and matches.

Others, though, countered to say that certain ones – like the Jammer and Supply Box – do have their uses in-game, and buffing many of them would make them too strong.

It’s ultimately up to Sledgehammer, but more players seemed to want them buffed than those encouraging nerfs.

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