Call of Duty

Call of Duty Player Reaches Master Prestige in CoD: WWII While Only Using Explosives - Pictures and Video Montage

by Albert Petrosyan


Reaching Master Prestige in Call of Duty: WWII is not easy for any player, let alone for someone who does not use a single weapon in the entire process.

A player, who goes by the name of '_C4,' has achieved this rank by remarkably only using explosives, being the first person to do so in the current Call of Duty title.  


_C4 has posted images of him reaching Master Prestige, as well as a breakdown of the entire statistics of his Combat Record.

The fact that the 'Best Weapon' slot his 'Overall Usage' category is empty proves that the player did not use a single weapon throughout his entire journey to Master Prestige.


There are several remarkable statistics in his Combat Record, most notably his impressive 2.18 Kill/Death Ratio, 18,226 total kills, and over 8 days of total time played.

His preferred explosive was the Satchel Charge, which is a C4-like device that is thrown and then manually detonated at any time. 

His best Division was the Expeditionary Force, which makes sense considering that it grants players an extra lethal item and allows munitions to be replenished from killed enemies and over time.


Upon achieving this impressive feat, _C4 began receiving recognition from the Call of Duty community, most notable by WWII developer Sledgehammer Games, who shouted out the player on social media.

The player has also since released a video montage of his journey to reaching Master Prestige, including some of his amazing, explosive-only killing sprees.