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Call of Duty player kicked off college esports program over viral trash talk clip

Published: 27/Apr/2022 21:01 Updated: 27/Apr/2022 22:40

by Marc Griffin


After intensely trash-talking his opponents, a local Call of Duty player was banned from their collegiate esports program.

Competitive gaming ventures are driven on the foundations of passion and determination, and because of this, competitors often engage in trash-talking.

Whether that be to get inside their opponent’s head to knock them off their game or to big themselves up, the passion-filled rhetoric has become a staple in competitions of all kinds. And esports is no stranger to this.

In fact, a Call of Duty player was ultimately banned from their local esports program due to an intense war of words after a match.


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Some members of the community feel trash-talking is a part of the competitive nature of esports like Call of Duty

Call of Duty player banned from CCL after trash-talking video goes viral

In a video posted to Twitter by FiosRay, a CCL player now identified as Twitter user Qpann_ was seen getting into a war of words during a collegiate Call of Duty match.

In the first video uploaded on April 24, 2022, Qpann_ can be seen trash-talking his opponents and verbally taunting their “mid” efforts. “Hey, where’s the owner at?” said Qpann as he began his speech.

“This is the second time you have sent a team to Florida to lose to me!” Immediately the player follows up his tirade, saying: “You’ve wasted thousands of dollars to lose to me!”

His opponents can be seen in the video responding back to him as they heckle things like: “You’re talking crap at a college league!”


In a second video posted by Twitter user, AGNCuatro captioned “Love CoD,” Qpann_ can be seen again yelling profanities and verbal taunts at his opponents in the esports room as onlookers take out their phones to record the moment.

“Get the f**k out of my venue!” the collegiate player screams during another war of words. “You can beat me. Shut your f**king mouth!”

Following the video’s viral moment, Qpann_ updated his Twitter followers  on April 27, 2022, by letting them know that he was banned from the college esports program.

People sounded off in the comment sections of both videos, offering their thoughts, as one person said: “It’s just amazing how heated people get over this game, lmao.”


While another person said: “This is why I love CoD; you can feel the passion through the video. Even if it is cringe.”

While it is unclear what college this was and whether their esports program will issue a statement of some kind reacting to this viral trash-talking moment, it seems that the player is done with the CCL for the time being.