Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 ranked mode leaks hint at new details

Modern Warfare 2 leaksActivison

A new leak for Modern Warfare 2’s ranked play reveals some potential details about what the upcoming game mode could look like and include. This includes a ruleset emulating the Call of Duty League and a proper ladder system.

Call of Duty is finally getting more ranked play in Modern Warfare 2. After Treyarch confirmed its arrival for 2023, details are slowly being leaked ahead of time.

The leak, first reported by Insider Gaming, details what the upcoming ranked MW2 game mode will look like and possibly include. The leak was provided from the Twitter account codsploitz_imgs. 

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The leaks claim that Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Mode will be set up in a 4v4 structure and will include “every rule, map, and mode present in the Call of Duty League.”

MW2 ranked will also allow unrestricted access to all unrestricted attachments from players  while also including locks on “restricted items, enables friendly fire by default, and issues suspensions or penalties based on inactivity, disconnecting, and repeated friendly fire.”

MW2 players and helicopterActivision
The leaked Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 ranked mode is similar to other games.

According to Insider Gaming, Ranked players will advance up skill divisions and tiers by earning ‘SR’, which is adjusted and applied following each match. If a Ranked player wins three matches in a row, they will enter a “hot streak.” This feature will set them emblem alight and keep it that way until their next loss.

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As well as this, the leak claims that rank will be a permanent feature and will remain in the game across multiple seasons. However, the “Skill Division” will change and reset each season. There are reportedly going to be seven skill divisions.

Images Insider Gaming shared have since been taken down by Activision Blizzard via a DMCA. But with the feature now taking shape behind closed doors, it’s only a matter of time before it’s released to everyone.

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If any more leaks or concrete information drops about Modern Warfare 2’s ranked, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on our Modern Warfare 2 Ranked play hub.

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